Azores islands 2021
In the vast blue of the Atlantic Ocean, Mother Nature has created a land rich in natural beauty and ready to be exploited: the Azores Archipelago.

During this month of August 2021, Phoctopus settles ten days aboard a beautiful catamaran sailboat made available to us by SAILDIVE, Paulo Gaspar and his crew.

It is a discovery, we are amazed by the green and blue colors that collide on these volcanic rocks, leaving unique magical landscapes in the middle of intense tropical vegetation. Under water the lava scenery continues its progression on the island of Fail and the large island of Pico. The weather conditions are strong and we must act and evolve with very strong currents.

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 2500 km from the coast of Portugal, we live privileged moments with the blue sharks and the surprising fauna of this volcanic space. The climb of Mount Pico, 2351m, the highest point of Portugal, remains a major event of our journey.

Thanks a lot to Saildive, Paolo, Lisa, Rui, Rita and Joao from Sao Tomé-et-Principe


Extraordinary Magic- Diving and Sailing the Azores

Diving with Blue Sharks, Spearman’s Whales and Mobula Rays around the Islands of Faial, Pico and St Jorges in the Azores.

« You won’t believe it, as strange as it sounds … Extraordinary magic follows you around. »

Special thanks to Saildive – Liveaboard Azores, Nauticam, Keldan Lights, OMS – Ocean Management Systems, Tony Meyer, Greg Lecoeur, Sonja Geier, Mariana Fernandez Antunes, Paulo Gaspar, Frederic Buyle, Lisa Medeiros, Florian Fischer