Mediterranean sea
Underwater pictures from the Mediterranean Sea, French Riviera from the Bay of Menton to Nice. CANON DIGITAL SLR 10D and 5D IKELITE HOUSING and Strobes DS 125, DS 51 CANON Lens Fisheye 15mm, CANON Lens 50mm macro, CANON Lens 100mm macro, CANON Lens 20-35mmAll the presented photos have been taken on the Mediterranean Coast in Monaco and around the Principality on a band which spreads out essentially of the point of the Cap Martin to the Cap of Nice. The differences of colors and often sizes of fishes are blatant with those of the sorts met in Indian Ocean. Nevertheless, the same families such as the cuttlefishes, apogons, morays and scorpion fishes are present also at home within reach fins from Monaco.In winter, our local dives allow us to discover a submarine life intense and above suspicion such meets with an angler fish, a monstrous fish by its size and its appearance which goes back up depthes in March to spawn in our waters. The summer season offers us this possibility of observing the other fishes with a better comfort of temperature. The nearness of the National park of Port-Cros allows us the observation of the grouper, the protected animal and the characteristic of our Mediterranean fauna. Our marine environment is magnificent, it is up to us to become aware of it and to make everything to protect it.

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Monaco Hebdo 19 juillet 2012

Nice Matin « à la une » 16 août 2014

Nice Matin 16 août 2014