Red Sea 2021 to 2022

Phoctopus is back on cruise with Diving Attitude to the wrecks of the North Red Sea in early April 2021. Few divers with this Covid-19 pandemic, few diving boats, the sea is recovering. Through different light shows, sometimes in the darkness of the wrecks, sometimes in the light of the coral reef on the surface, we let ourselves be lulled in these multicolored and varied scenery. We find a wild nature and animal life comes to us as magic attraction. The corals, the colors of the Red Sea are in our lenses.

In November 2022, we are back again with Diving Attitude on the Brothers, Elphinstone and Daedalus. The dives are more sporty and more engaged in the current, but the charm of the Red Sea still operates as much. Anthias and multicoloured corals offer us a magnificent spectacle, as if we were in the front row of an aquatic ballet.

Diving Attitude, our partner, we «dive as we like»